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Shred Method

Straight-to-the point guide on everything you need to know about losing excess body fat.

It’s based on my own personal experience and helped me go from 40lbs overweight to having an impressive physique and winning bodybuilding competitions (more on that later).

That’s me at “Rock Bottom” in 2014...

This same guide has helped many determined men and women, just like you, go from being stuck in fat loss plateaus and unconfident...

To smashing their fat loss goals and gaining boundless confidence.

But before I dive into how you can also get rid of your stubborn fat and gain new confidence, I want to make sure this guide is right for you.

So go ahead and ask yourself...

Can you relate to this?

You don’t want to waste your time and effort

• You want to feel respected by others and yourself

• You’re done trying and failing to lose fat on your own

• You want clothes to fit you well

• You’re sick and tired of suffering from low energy

• You’re fed up of tossing and turning in your sleep

• You want to confidently lose all your excess fat

• You want to accomplish your goals and dreams

• You don’t want to regret not having a better body when you’re older

• You want to stay ahead of the competition

• You want more attention from the opposite sex

If any of this is relatable, keep reading as you will learn how to free yourself from indecision and begin creating the body and confidence you’ve been dreaming of.


Here’s a list of exactly what you’ll be getting with my no-nonsense guide to getting shredded:

✅ My proven diet tips for shedding fat

✅ The simplest way to know exactly how much food to eat to get lean

✅ The knowledge you need to take advantage of the thermogenic effect to speed up your fat loss

✅ The proper way to diet without starving yourself

✅ The 5 essential components to instantly improve your metabolism… and why these are super important for maximizing your fat loss

✅ The exact micronutrients you need if you want to feel good

✅ The ultimate determining factor why your metabolism sucks and no, it’s not genetics

✅ The micronutrients 98% of all adults in the US aren’t getting that is seriously harming their fat loss progress

✅ The ultimate blueprint to getting the correct energy balance, so you can maximize your fat loss

✅ The quickest and simplest way to ensure you’re eating the right amount of carbs… and why most people get this wrong

✅ How much cardio you actually need to lose weight [Hint: it’s less than you think]

✅ BONUS: My top 2 tips to eating more food without putting on fat

You’ll also be getting:

The number one reason 99% of people fail with their fat loss and how you can beat the trend.

Now there is a catch to getting my guide…

It’s NOT for those unwilling to put in the hard work.

It’s NOT for men who won’t do whatever it takes.

It’s NOT for anyone who can’t follow simple instructions

But as you’re reading this, I know you’re  committed to winning and getting things done.

And that’s why I know my guide is exactly what you need to get in shape.


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Here are some results with Shred Method:

Andrew, 21, Philadelphia

Before I got Matt’s services I had always been an active athlete (D1 College Rower) but I caught the injury bug from a young age...unfortunately I had to discontinue my collegiate rowing career when I was 18.

I had always been active, but never quite had the PHYZIQUE! One day I stumbled upon Matt’s twitter and saw he was in great shape and so I DM'd him “Yo, I want to look like you.”

From there Matt gave me the knowledge and gave it to me straight. It wasn’t complicated once he explained it, everything made complete and total logical sense.

I really do credit Matt for providing me with the perfect ‘toolbox,’ so to speak, so that I could confidently lose all my extra weight.

As long as you’re willing to put in the WORK, with Matt’s program, you WILL see results, guaranteed.”

Brad, 37, Louisiana

“Before I got connected with Matt, I had reached a plateau. I had achieved all that I could on my own.

Matt brought experience, expertise, and accountability into my training regime. With his help I have been able to reach the next level. He taught me the importance of nutrition, set up a lifting program, and provided support and motivation the whole time.

Having Matt as a coach is one of the best decisions I have made.”


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I’m Matt Stephens, a transformation coach and certified nutrition specialist with 5 years of training experience - specializing in helping determined men and women lose fat and get shredded.

I know exactly what it’s like to want to lose fat, but don’t want to waste time and effort on the wrong things.

Back in 2014, I was 40 pounds overweight and at “rock bottom”.

That’s me at “Rock Bottom” in 2014… … And living life in 2016.

I was eating fast food and take-out every single day out of ignorance and laziness.

I was miserable.

I failed out of college and drank alcohol almost every night, thinking I could numb myself from the pain of the circumstances I got myself into.

I was the lead singer in a band and I got too lazy to book gigs. Eventually my money ran out so I was completely broke and couldn’t afford the weed and alcohol I was using to numb myself.

On top of that, my girlfriend broke up with me - she got fed up with my bullshit excuses for my lack of action.

I had no direction, ambition, or goals. I felt completely alone.

Then one day, I woke up sober, walked into the bathroom, and looked in the mirror.

Seeing this overweight man staring back at me, I was absolutely disgusted. I felt shame and disappointment that I had let myself get into this state.

I was sick and tired of being completely broke, out of shape, unattractive, and... a loser.

I thought to myself, “How the hell did I let myself get like this? Why?”

It was time I made some changes.

The first thing I did was look for a gym and a friend recommended one across town.

I was reluctant to even think about going, let alone join.

But I knew I couldn’t NOT join.

I worked twice as hard with my band to get the funds together so I could afford the membership.

Stepping inside the gym was uncomfortable at first, because I was intimidated by how jacked and in shape all the guys were compared to me. Fueled by the desire to turn my life around and the pain of my circumstances, I forced myself to keep going.

Eventually those feelings of intimidation disappeared as I realized everyone was there for the same reason and the guys turned out to be really helpful.

At the same time, I started researching like crazy on dieting guides but wasted a lot of time and effort switching between them trying to find the best one. Finally, I picked one I knew was reputable from seeing the impressive transformations of other men who used it.

I desperately wanted to turn my life around, so I put in the hard work needed.

I followed the guide to the letter, trained daily, ate healthily for every meal and even quit drinking.

I saw my excess fat start to shrink away, but it wasn't enough, so I hired a coach and he taught me nearly everything I needed to know about fat loss. I placed 5th in my first bodybuilding competition and the next year, went on to win Mr. Tuscaloosa 2017.

Through trial and error, I developed my own method, which I call the Shred Method, and it works like a charm!

It recently helped me go from 13.9% body fat to 3.8% body fat in just 8 short weeks!

But when I first started, I went from struggling to pay my bills to starting a successful personal training business and travelling the world.

And one of the best parts about following the Shred Method...

Women started to notice me again.

Getting in shape boosted my confidence by so much that I began asking women out on dates again. I even got into a relationship with one of the most gorgeous girls at my university.

Now, I’m in the best shape of my life, I’m financially successful, and I’m in a great relationship with a beautiful woman, inside and out.

I attribute my success to the momentum I created by getting myself into the best shape of my life. Getting my body right helped to get my mind right, which made all of the difference.

And right now, I’m giving you the exact method I’ve used to turn my life around, in the hope you use it to do the same for yourself.


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Here’s A Quick Recap Of What You’re Getting With Shred Method

✅ My proven diet tips for shredding away all your excess fat

✅ The simplest way to know exactly how much food to eat to get lean

✅ The proper way to diet without starving yourself

✅ The ultimate blueprint to getting the correct energy balance, so you can maximize your fat loss

✅ The quickest and simplest way to ensure you’re eating the right amount of carbs… and why most people get this wrong

✅ How much cardio you actually need to lose weight [Hint: it’s less than you think]

✅ BONUS: My top 2 tips to eating more food without putting on fat

With Shred Method: A Bodybuilder's Guide To Getting Below 10% Body Fat…

You’re also gaining the confidence needed to gain respect from others, and most importantly, from yourself.

You’ll have the mindset needed to plow through and achieve your goals.

You can enjoy the energy required to live life to the fullest and accomplish your dreams.

If you’re ready to get shredded and achieve the life you want, go ahead and download your copy.

P.S If you’re skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was… for only [$35], you’re going to discover how to shred fat using proven methods from a bodybuilder.

No need to waste your time and effort on all that misleading fitness advice.


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  • A diet guide that teaches you the truth about losing fat and how to get it done.
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Shred Method

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